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Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta

Nearly 30 people joined together Wednesday morning, for a ceremony and revealing of a gravestone marker for the previously unmarked grave of Alfred James Brady.  In 1937 Brady was killed by FBI agents during a shootout on Central Street in Bangor.  Brady, considered Public Enemy #1 at the time, was shot and killed, along with Clarence Lee Shaffer as they were returning to Dakin's Sporting Goods to purchase a submachine gun.  For nearly 70 years the burial place has remained unmarked and quietly hidden along the edge of Mount Hope Cemetery.

As reported in the Bangor Daily News:

"We are here, not to praise this murderous thug, but to help the public recognize some of its central history of events that happened in Bangor 70 years ago and to bring some closure to this sad story," [Gerry]Palmer said. "Recently, Loren Hylton of Indiana and his wife Karen visited this grave site with Brady historian Richard Shaw and myself. Carroll County Commissioner Hylton is the nephew of Indiana State Trooper Paul Minneman, shot to death in cold blood by the Brady Gang on May 25, 1937."

Karen Hylton said, "We are thrilled that this Brady re-enactment is finally being held on Oct. 7. We read that this event was taking place and, as we were visiting friends in Milbridge, we came straight to Bangor. Visiting this grave site with the new tombstone helps bring closure for those of us representing the Paul Minneman family, as I am sure it will many other families and citizens."


As part of "Flashes From the Past — The Day the Brady Gang Came to Bangor," an Oct. 7 fundraiser for the nonprofit consumer advocacy organization, Northeast CONTACT, the Brady Parade and Re-Enactment Committee decided to mark the grave so that families touched by this tragedy, along with historians and the general public, could visit it.


For more information on this event, and to learn more about Alfred Brady visit the following links:

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