Updates, Updates, Updates...

It's been a while since I've made any kind of updates to this main page of the site, so I wanted to let people know about a couple of new projects I'm hoping to tackle this year:


#1) I'm hoping to do some updates to the Gravestone Photo Project at http://gravestones.earlyMaine.org, specifically around the UI, and some of the data that is allowed to be passed in (for instance, lots of people have asked about adding GPS coordinates) I am also looking into the possibility of adding more info than just gravestone photos (obituaries, ???) so there are some plans in the work for that.


#2) I am embarking, with a friend on establishing a small software development company targeted to genealogists and local historians. Our first project is a simple app for developing an every name index for books. It could be used for new or old books and will be a MUCH more affordable option than most of the other indexing programs already on the market.  We've already done a considerable amount of work on this project, but are looking for some backers to help fund the last bit of tooling/expenses and to push the project to completion.  Every little bit helps, and so we've launched our first crowdfunding campaign to help get things started.  Donations come in all sizes and we even have some nifty perks for those that are interested.  Check out our GoFundMe campaign here:



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