4,000 Gravestone Photos Now Online

With the recent addition of records from the New Valley Cemetery in Greene, and the Sylvester Cemetery in Durham, the Gravestone Photo Project (under the "Online Collections" tab above) has reached a new milestone...  4,000 records are now online..  Thanks to more than 40 volunteers who have posted anywhere from one to hundreds of gravestone photos the project continues to grow.

And, if you have ancestors from North of the border, be sure to check out www.canadianheadstones.com. Utilizing the same software as the Gravestone Photo Project at earlyMaine.org, Jim McKane and his army of volunteers have amassed more than 75,000 records from across Canada in less than a year!  i've been able to work with Jim on a few tweaks of the code to help work for his project, and I'm very excited and pleased with the progress his volunteer team is making.  Perhaps you can find one of your Canadian Ancestors stones in this project.  Or maybe you have a photo of a stone you'd like to contributes.  Check out www.canadianheadstones.com for more information.