Yes, the project & I are still alive...

Well, there is no denying it.  2009 has been an abysmal year for my work as it relates to  Between some software issues, hardware issues and other work I've taken on as part of my local genealogical society, there has been very little time afforded to this project.

Every week I receive an email or two asking if the project is dead, and I got another today inquiring about a brokem link to this site.

I want to assure anyone who checks in periodically that the project is not dead, and I have been working on it over the past couple of weeks to move files and do all that "behind the scenes work" everyone says they're doing, even though you can't see it.  It really IS happening, and you'll see the results within a few days with any luck.

While 2009 has been challenging for, to say the least, I'm looking forward to 2010 as a great new year, and one in which we'll see many more items of interest posted to the site.

- Brian