2008 Year In Review

Each January I try to take a few minutes to look back on what was accomplishged on earlyMaine.org the previous year, and look ahead at plans for the new year.  The year's review is broken up into 3 sections.  Site Statistics are more for my benefit than anyone else as it helps give an indication of the site's overall usefullness and how much traffic we're actually getting.  Operating Highlights is my attempt to outline some of the accomplishments we've made over the past year.  I report Financials just as if this was a corporation.  There is nothing requiring me to post that information, but I think it's nice to let people know where money is going and why they have to look at the sometimes annoying ads on these pages :)

107 New Registered Users (263 total)
51 Blog Posts
16,500 Page Views (45 per day)
Average Time Spent On The Site Each Visit: 3 minutes

- 3rd full year of operation
- Lunch of Death Records Project and addition of 168 new names
- Launch of Land Records Collection and addition of 5 new documents added
- Launch of UMaine Prism Senior Index and addition of 12,000 names (1893-1951)
- Added more than 2,500 Gravestone Records (currently at 3,200 total)
- Received Honoring Our Ancestors Grant for perpetuation of the Letters Collection


-110.00 Site Hosting Fees
+ 50.29 Google Ad Revenue
- 59.71 (paid out of pocket)

Project Specific - Letters Collection
+200.00 Honoring Our Ancestors Grant
- 37.50 Purchase of new letters to post online
+162.50 Rolled into 2009 budget for this project

- Continue Blog Posting at the rate of 1 entry per week or greater
- Complete Phase 1 of UMaine Prism Senior Index (1952-1997)
- Post 12 or more new items to the Letters Collection
- Post 500 or more new Gravestone Photo Records online
- Site Redesign work based on user feedback if needed

If you have ideas or suggestions about what you would like to see in 2009, please email me ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )

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