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...Before It's Too Late...

This story I ran across in the Monrning Sentinel brings both a light of hope that people are as dedicated as ever to preserve our State's great history, and a not so subtle reminder that we need to act, when we can, before details of the past are lost forever.

Last fall some Sydney residents got together and decided to form the town's first historical society.  Jamie Rice of the Maine Historical Society told the Morning Sentinel the formation of such a society is a rare occurrence.  According to records, no such historical society has officially incorporated in the last 20 years or so.

As one of their first acts, the society conducted a taped interview with some of Sydney's long time residents, including Earland Goodhue, who was born in 1915 in town. The interview was conducted in January and on February 8th, Mr. Goodhue passed away.  It's a sobering reminder that we need to collect, preserve, and educate about our history before it becomes lost forever.

 But, we know there is a dedicated group of citizens in Sydney up to the challenge, and they apparently have the backing of the town, as an approval in $5,000 in seed money for the society was approved at a town meeting on March 21st.


For more information about the society and their plans for the future, visit the Morning Sentinel Article at:

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Buxton in Postcards

James Libby, a Buxton resident, and postcard collector for more than 30 years recently published a new book outlining the town's history through postcards.

The compilation features vintage postcards from 1899 to the 1960s, some of which had old messages on the backs, Libby said. The card featured on the cover is from Libby’s great-grandmother to his grandmother, which he inherited and saved with the rest of his collection.

And with this project finished, what's next?  Libby told the Gazette Newspaper:

“I have just as many postcards on Hollis, but will need to do more research,” Libby said. “I just like to write, and I love history and my town. It’s good to see it promoted.”


You can find Buxton at local bookstores, or at by clicking this link: Buxton (Postcard History)

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You're Invited....

PLease join the Pejepscot Genealogy Society on Sunday April 5, 2009 at 2pm in the Seminar Room (upstairs) at the Curtis Memorial Library in Brunswick for a program helping us to remember "Early Settlers: gone but not forgotten"

Come early for refreshments and sociability, to compare research and perhaps discover a mutal ancestor.

FMI: 207.833.7371

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