4,000 Gravestone Photos Now Online

With the recent addition of records from the New Valley Cemetery in Greene, and the Sylvester Cemetery in Durham, the Gravestone Photo Project (under the "Online Collections" tab above) has reached a new milestone...  4,000 records are now online..  Thanks to more than 40 volunteers who have posted anywhere from one to hundreds of gravestone photos the project continues to grow.

And, if you have ancestors from North of the border, be sure to check out www.canadianheadstones.com. Utilizing the same software as the Gravestone Photo Project at earlyMaine.org, Jim McKane and his army of volunteers have amassed more than 75,000 records from across Canada in less than a year!  i've been able to work with Jim on a few tweaks of the code to help work for his project, and I'm very excited and pleased with the progress his volunteer team is making.  Perhaps you can find one of your Canadian Ancestors stones in this project.  Or maybe you have a photo of a stone you'd like to contributes.  Check out www.canadianheadstones.com for more information.


A Letter To The Pennell Descendant I Met This Weekend...

I'm sorry I didn't get your name or contact information, but you mentioned to me you would like to know information if you could find it about the shipbuilder, Robert Given.  I found a short blurb about him in the Wheeler History of Brunswick, Topsham and Harpswell, Maine (1878) that I thought you might find interesting.  On Page 333, there is the following paragraph:

"In 1808 Mr. Rober Given built a gunboat for the United States navy, in a yard a little north of the ship-yard[sic] of the Skofields, on Harpswell Neck.  The contract, still preserved, was for 30 dollars per ton, the iron to cost twelve dollars and fifty cents per one hundred pounds, the vessel to be heavily timbered, and the gun deck to be of white oak and heavy pine."

Hopefully you will think to come check this site and if you do, please drop me an email to let me know you have seen this post. I'll continue to look for more information for you.

- Brian


3700+ Gravestone Records now online

With recent additions to the Gravestone Photo project, we've brought the number of records in this collection to more than 3700, and more are being added daily.  Thank you to the volunteers who have submitted photos recently, and send me cd/dvds of photos for me to post to the site as well.  With your help, we should be able to double the size of this collection this year (and that's just if I can post only what has already been sent to me for the project).  Thanks to all!

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