Community Archives Room

The Community Archives Room is located at the Gardiner Public Library.  This past year we taught two Genealogy classes each lasting 5 weeks and 6 weeks.  This is free.  We will be doing so again very soon.  CAR offeres a wide range of information for all kinds of researchers.  From local history to state history, all the different wars, and plenty of genealogical information through vital records and newspapers.  These cover Gardiner and surrounding towns.  We also have acquired a nice archival collection which is listed in minerva through the library system. 
Please come visit us soon.  The Archivist is Martín Blasco.  The hours are 12pm to 5pm, Monday through Friday.   If you need assistance in research but cannot visit call us at 582-6890.

GariLu Weeks
CAR Volunteer


250 years, 250 Treasures

In a new exhibit titled "250 Years, 250 Treasures," the Mount Desert Island Historical Society has created the largest display of its collection that has ever been seen in public. The exhibit commemorates the 250th anniversary of the arrival of Abraham Somes, who founded the first colonial settlement on Mount Desert Island. Curator Annette Carvajal has selected 250 of the most interesting and treasured items kept by the Society collection, making for an arresting and eclectic display that includes Abraham Somes'   powder horn; a rum jug brought to Somesville from the West Indies in the 19th century; receipts from the Daniel Somes Funeral Home, listing the embalmer's tools and chemicals; a souvenir picture book of Northeast Harbor dated 1904; Bar Harbor Times reporter LaRue Spiker's camera and many of her photographs; a map of the Mount Desert Island area, drawn in London in 1776, and much more.

This exhibit does more than display each particular item; it provides insight to the work of the organization. Incorporated in 1931, the Mount Desert Island Historical Society has collected these items over the past eighty-one years. Scores of volunteers and contributors have worked to maintain the items for future generations. So the exhibit also serves to answer the question of what our community believes is historically important. The answer is found in the every-day evidence of life on Mount Desert Island: the commonplace school yearbook photograph, the championship trophy, Grandfather's trunk, the canteen that survived a stint in the army, posters announcing a political rally or the latest movies. The exhibit expresses the historical imagination of our community.





Maine MilitaryMuseum and Learning Center

From Tom Porter at comes this story about Maine's Military Museum:

Mainers more than pull their weight when it comes to serving their country in uniform. Indeed state's proud military heritage has prompted one veteran to open his own museum honoring those who have served. Lee Humiston has dedicated thousands of hours of his time, and much of his own money, to setting up the Maine Military Museum and Learning Center in South Portland.


For the rest of the story, visit here:


You can visit the museum's Web site at:


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